Client Connect CPA
You're Outnumbered 100 to 1

On average, accounting firms have about one CPA for every 100 clients. It's hard to stay connected when you're spread so thin. Client Connect CPA leverages the latest technology to help your firm connect more often without spending more of your limited time.

We help you connect with clients and prospects.

Auto-Tailor automated, personalized content that ensures the content on your website is current without your staff lifting a finger.

Click-To-Connect personalized email notifications that draw clients and prospects to your firm's website--engaging them with content specific to their needs and interests.

Click-To-Edit content management system that empowers website administrators to easily edit your website within a Web browser.

Click-To-Order marketing management system that allows control of all your firm's branded assets from one, central location.

Join our growing number of exclusive firms and start down the path to better client connections. Schedule a free consultation or check out our national tour schedule to see when we will be in your area.

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