Client Connect CPA



The Client Connect CPA system features technologies that enable your firm to enhance and automate meaningful client connections.

  • Auto-Tailor: add automated content from trusted sources delivered and flowed automatically into your website
  • Click-to-Connect: alert clients about new content on your website with the click of a button
  • Click-to-Order: quickly re-order letterhead, business cards, tax folders, newsletters, etc. online
  • Click-to-Edit: edit and add content right inside your web browser window
  • Creative services: allow our talented designers and writers craft communication tools that impress your clients and prospects
  • Search engine optimization: use easy tools to improve your ranking in search engines
  • Enthusiastic support: contact our devoted support team however you like-via phone or by adding a quick note to your website-we'll be in touch to ensure your issue is resolved quickly and correctly

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